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Matthew Younglove

Saxophonist, Performer, Educator


"Saxophonist Matthew Younglove is supremely talented beyond doubt. His snake-charmer like way within the lines of Caleb Burhans' What Dreams May Come is remarkable. . .How sweetly Younglove sings his high lines; how evocatively he mooches around the soprano sax's lower register. There is much beauty here." - Fanfare Magazine

"Younglove is featured in the tenor solo, which presents the vocal quality of our instrument in the best possible light." -

"A visceral and arresting experience" -  I Care If You Listen


"The duo weaved its way through lyrical melodies, slow contemplative moods, ragtime, and blues riffs with great aplomb" - I Care If You Listen


"Experimental music can be polarizing, but talented performers like Younglove [are] able to perform so mesmerizingly that even proponents of more traditional music couldn’t fail to be sucked in." -  The Oberlin Review


"By now [Prodical Child] has become a staple of the saxophone quartet repertoire, and this performance of the piece is particularly compelling due to Younglove's tenor saxophone playing." - 

"The saxophone section made a rare appearance in the orchestra; however, Matt Younglove, playing both soprano and alto sax, was notably soulful and well executed." - Dearborn Times Herald


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