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Night Set Awarded!

Night Set was awarded the Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement from the Global Music Awards in July of 2023.

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Night Set as an album is a collection of works (set) united by the common theme of the ‘night.’ The album gets its name from its namesake composition by Gregory Wanamaker, which was the thematic impetus for this recording project. The time of ‘night’ has fascinated and inspired humanity for as long as we have recorded history, from fears of the dark to myths and beliefs in increased spiritual presence in the darkest hours of the evening. Night brings a time of darkness, the absence of light, which triggers the imagination as well as other complex and powerful emotions in the human mind. This album contains six works that explore various aspects of nighttime: dreams, shadows, darkness, dawn, quiet, monsters, and spirits.

Featured Compositions

What Dreams May Come (2020) - Caleb Burhans

Night Set (2017) - Gregory Wanamaker

Shadows and Dawning (1982) - Marilyn Shrude

the joy of the quiet in the transcendence of time (2018) - Michael Rene Torres

Monster Studies (2012) - Girard Kratz

Fantasmi (2005) - Marilyn Shrude



Liz Ames - Piano

Jeffrey Heisler - Alto Saxophone

Mark Bunce - Producer and Recording Engineer

Album Cover Artwork by Dax Van Aalten

Released November 11, 2022 on AMP Records

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